Testing and Quality assurance

Have you had your software product developed by an external service provider and are looking for reliable quality assurance? Do you lack the capacity to perform professional software tests of your software product?

We are happy to support you and test your software for functional and non-functional requirements!

Testing und Qualität

Your benefits


Prevent unexpected software errors and resulting consequential costs in time. We test your software thoroughly.


Do not take any risks. We help you to make your software products secure so that unwanted failures and attacks do not occur.


We help you to take quality to a new level. Selected test methods increase the quality of your product or service..


We slip into the perspective of a critical user to point out critical barriers of your product before your customers do.

Testing procedure
proven in practice

Functional testing

Functional tests

With functional tests we identify potential problems that stand in the way of the functional and technical requirements of your software. Tests can be carried out in a trial run (smoke tests), to examine individual components (unit tests), to ensure efficient cooperation (integration tests), in a test environment (system tests) and finally to check the predefined acceptance criteria (acceptance tests).

Non-functional testing

Performance / Load testing

We check the capacity of your system for (un)expected load peaks in order to define possible measures to avoid failures.

Usability Tests

Of course, the view of the user also plays a decisive role. Through usability tests we identify the usability of your software to identify and avoid possible barriers.

Compatibility testing

Smooth working in different environments is an important prerequisite for your product success. We test the functionality on different operating systems, platforms or browsers for you.

Procedure of testing

Requirements analysis and test planning

At the beginning we analyze the initial situation to define the requirements for the test strategy. This step forms the basis for the subsequent temporal test planning and selection of suitable methods and objectives.

Test analysis and drafting

Relevant test cases are then formulated to cover a wide range of scenarios. This may also include the preparation of test data and test environments.


The test plan and the defined test types are implemented. The tests can be carried out manually and automatically. During the entire phase all test results are documented in detail.


Finally, the results of the tests carried out are analyzed and possible measures for eliminating errors are documented. This is followed by a report to assess the quality of your software product.

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