Requirement Analysis

You have an idea for the implementation or introduction of a software? But you are not sure what is necessary to realize this project? Or do you want to compare different approaches in order to make a decision based on relevant data?

We work out a detailed requirements analysis or feasibility study for you!


Your benefits

With a requirements analysis you will not only make sure that your product will really meet your requirements but it also offers you many more advantages


Understand your project in detail to get a global view on risks, effects and interactions.


A clear structure for the representation of the basic information situation for your project is the basis for success. We will help you with this.


We will present relevant information and important factors in a clear and understandable way in a document prepared for you.


We provide a basis for your decision, preferably based on several scenarios, which provides a solid foundation for your decision.

Tried and tested procedure
for guaranteed success

Our multi-stage procedure, proven in practice, offers you the optimal basis to determine the requirements for your product in detail.

Requirement determination

At the beginning we determine the requirements of your project by a needs analysis. For this purpose we conduct an extensive research of existing information (such as existing specifications) and the collection of new information for e.g. expert interviews, surveys or observations. The resulting information forms the basis.

Requirement Analysis​

The elaborated information situation is then analyzed in various ways. The focus here is primarily on the examination of cost and benefit aspects, the consistency of the collected information and completeness.

Requirement description

Once the information has been checked, a detailed description of the requirements is provided. The result is a document in which the determined contents are recorded for you in an understandable way, e.g. in the form of use cases.

Overview of components

In summary, a requirements analysis contains the following content points:

  • Definition of the goal of your project
  • A general project description
  • Definitions and abbreviations
  • Classification into functional and non-functional requirements
  • Current state of the project
  • Target state of the project

Let us perform a requirements analysis together

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