Change Management

You have already introduced new software and want to ensure that the added value you hope to gain from this project is successfully transferred to your organization?

We help you to anchor your changes in your organization in a targeted, active, strategic, intelligent and effective way.

We are also happy to support you in prototyping, software development or testing. You can find more information under. (Link to Software Development and Prototyping)

Your benefits


Ensure the planned sustainable success of your change processes, according to your ideas


Promote and challenge your employees to achieve personal growth and commitment.


Changes often have the goal of improvement. We help you to achieve this goal efficiently.


We help you to pass on the knowledge transfer for changes to your employees in a structured way. 

Tried and tested procedure
for guaranteed success

Analysis & Planning

In the first phase, the actual situation must be analyzed. The most common methods are organization analysis, process analysis and work analysis. On this basis, meaningful measures and goals can be derived and then the detailed planning of concepts, communication, roadmap, training and schedule can be carried out.


We help you to carry out the most modern workshops in your company. In addition to the areas of (agile) project management, software, IT security awareness, we also develop independent training courses according to your requirements in order to anchor the advantages in your company in the long term.

Implementation & Conception

By actively accompanying the change processes, we enable you to efficiently adapt your projects. So that you are better after the change implementation than you were before.

Monitoring & Evaluation

In the last step, we use an evaluation catalog, an employee survey and interviews to analyze the steps taken. Based on this, we compare the progress with the target state and, if necessary, improve the situation using additional methods.

Let us
optimize your processes together

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