App Entwicklung

The project included the development of a prototype web application to support the scientific work at the Natural History Museum in Berlin. Implementation was based on the JavaScript framework React.js.

The Problem

  • 400 staff members working on research projects

  • There are more than 40 million research objects

  • Current projects are only available in text form

Our approach

The goal of the project was to create a prototypical application for the visualization of individual projects in the different research areas. The goal of the application should be to improve communication and to reveal potential synergies. Concretely 3 views were implemented in the Javascript framework “React.js” as a standalone web application. Additionally, various filter options were implemented and key figures for the current selection were determined and displayed.


The project was conducted using agile project management methods. Work packages were defined and processed in a 2-week rhythm. After the 2-week period, consultations were held with the customer.

The project flow

The distribution of tasks was done via GitHub. These were defined and distributed in a 2-week sprint with the contact person. For quality control purposes, a customer’s developer conducted a code review of all new changes at regular intervals before they were incorporated into the “master” version. In addition, before each sprint meeting, a “functional review” was conducted by the contact person to verify the functionality of the completed task.

The Solution