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In these times of increasing digitalization, it is all the more important to be able to use all possible tools and benefit from them. If you are facing great challenges or your employees lack the know-how to use the new technologies, we will be happy to help you change this!

With our offer of individual workshops tailored to your company, you will significantly improve the IT awareness of your company.

The Problem

In order to deal with the challenges of digitization, the Company offers a range of digital products in the energy sector. The benefits of these digital products are often difficult to quantify for potential customers and existing tools are too complicated for an initial assessment of the added value

Our approach

The first step was to define the requirements for the application. These requirements were defined in close contact with the customer to ensure that the application would meet the customer’s expectations 100%.

After defining the requirements, these were processed in various design mockups. The finished mockups were presented to the customer in order to check once again whether the technical design representation met the customer’s requirements. This step also prevents changes from being necessary in the late development stage, thus avoiding unexpectedly high costs and performance that does not meet expectations.

Thus there were at the end of the phase

1. clearly defined requirements

2. design coordinated with the customer

After the design and requirements had been defined and agreed with the customer, the next step was to develop the app. Our app development experts created the complete design and functionalities in this phase.

Finally, the app had to be tested extensively.
The background is that errors should not occur during live operation and all functionalities are guaranteed.
After the app had been tested by our experts on the basis of selected test scenarios, all errors that occurred were corrected and the application could be carried into the organization according to the roll-out plan.

1. Creation of a guide for installation on additional devices.

2. Outcome: Error-free app.

The Solution

Fast and uncomplicated evaluation of certain key figures of a product.

Guarantee simple operability and fast data entry for on-site use at the customer’s site.

Product data should be able to be preselected or entered manually.

The languages German and English must be available.